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Written by Helen van Raaij

Kyle Bean
Image by: Kyle Bean

Your everyday brain

Kyle Bean is an illustrator, set designer and director in London whose specialty lies in handmade sets, installations and models. His work is very detailed and he uses techniques which, as said by Kyle, “straddle the boundaries between illustration, sculpture and animation”.

He creates (as stated on his website) playful, concept-driven imagery for a variety of editorial and commercial projects, as well as installations for fashion brands and events. Kyle describes his work "as  a mix between illustration, product design and sculpture. Even though I am an illustrator, my work tends to be sculptural. I then turn it into a flat image through photography." 

With this series Kyle illustrates the anatomy of the brain. The brain series is made of everyday material, such as toothpaste, newspapers and food.

If you want to see more of his work, make sure you check out his website!

Kyle Bean
Image by: Kyle Bean

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