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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Jason Freeny
Image by: Jason Freeny

Dissected toys

No matter your age, you will recognise characters from Jason Freeny’s art. You might like them, find them disturbing or maybe even educational. 

Jason Freeny was born in Maryland (USA). In 2000, he created his first fictional anatomy illustration. His first anatomical digital illustration followed in 2007, which was about the time when he started to gain name as an artist. However, he really started to get noticed when he began to create anatomical sculptures of our (childhood) toys in 2010. He uses the toy itself, he scoops out the insides and then fills it with his own sculpted skeletons and inner organs.

In the video below, Jason Freeny himself gives you a little insight into his inspirations, work method and artworks:

For more of Jason Freeny’s work visit his website or Facebook page

Jason Freeny
Image by: Jason Freeny

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