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Written by Helen van Raaij

Anton Semenov
Image by: Anton Semenov

A face, but not a normal one

Illustration, character design and digital work are the three main focuses of Anton Semenov. Anton is a Russian artist who really knows how to manipulate pictures. One look at “Society” is not enough to know what your looking at.

At first sight, “Society” is a human face either expressing anger or a  person screaming.  It is a face indeed, but not a normal one. If you take a closer look you see the face is actually made of human arms and hands. The details in the face expression and fists forming teeth are impressive .

The position of the arms, bend or straight, and hands clinging on to forearms, all connecting each individual hand and arm. Reasons behind “Society” remain unclear, as Anton prefers not to explain his work but likes to “let [his, ed.] work speak for itself”

For more of Antons work you can visit his Behance page.

Anton Semenov
Image by: Anton Semenov

Tags: Anatomy & Art, Anton Semenov, Society, Arms, face, Scream

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