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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Emilio Garcia
Image by: Emilio Garcia

Multipurpose brains

Sometimes art doesn’t need that much words. The main word for the Barcelona based artist, Emilio Garcia’s art is: "Brains". You name it and this sculptor, inspired by the brain, has made it. His work includes, Skull Brains, Jumping Brains, Brain Hearts, seemingly dangerous Brainades (Brain Grenade) and even Snail Brains.

Concerned with the digitalization of our society, Emilio Garcia saw his culture moving slowly away from the tangible. As reaction to this, he left his multimedia career and embraced the tactile.

Most of the work Emilio Garcia makes is for sale and sold out almost immediately after release since his work is very popular and has a limited number of pieces at every new release. Nowadays, his work is shown in galleries and museums more and more.

If you want to see how the Jumping Brains are made visit his YouTube channel, where you follow the process through multiple videos. You can find more of Emilio Garcia’s art on his website.

Emilio Garcia
Image by: Emilio Garcia

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