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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Koen Hauser
Image by: Koen Hauser

Exposed Anatomy by Koen Hauser

Netherlands-based photographer and artist Koen Hauser uses modern techniques to change the reality, exposing plastic anatomical parts in real humans, giving the appearance that their skin has been pulled off.

These pictures are part of his 2002 series “Modische Atlas der Anatomie”, a series of digitally manipulated pictures, which fuses human bodies with classical anatomical models. The series has been born out of two of his personal fascinations, anatomy and fashion photography.

Koen Hauser works for fashion magazines such as L’Officiel and Volkskrant magazine, a supplement to the Dutch newspaper of the same name. Nevertheless, he also has his own photography artworks, like “Modische Atlas der Anatomie”. In 2014 he was named “Fotograaf des Vaderlands” (freely translated: Photographer of the nation), an ambassador of professional photography in that year.

Want to see more of Koen Hauser's work? Visit his website.

Koen Hauser
Image by: Koen Hauser

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