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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Susan Duncan
Image by: Susan Duncan

Medical Illustrations by Susan Duncan

These illustrations are made by Toronto-based illustrator and designer, Susan Duncan. She drew the illustrations from real specimens at St Bartholomew’s Hospital medical library. The heart and kidney are watercolor and pencil illustration studies of medical specimens. The pelvis is a study of a medical specimen created with Photoshop. 

To create these images, Susan Duncan had to include a study of fresh organs in the process, to be able to obtain suitable colours and textures. Where real specimens deteriorate over time, the illustrations should not show any kind of discolouration or destruction. In order to reinvigorate the specimens, she went to the meat market to buy a pig heart to get the correct colours and textures.

For the ones wondering why the kidney doesn’t look like a heathy kidney, it’s not a illustration error. The kidney has a case of hydronephrosis, pyelonephritis and dual ureters.

If you want to discover more of Susan Duncan’s art, visit her website.

Susan Duncan
Image by: Susan Duncan

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