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Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: unknown

Anatomical ink

Why hide what's beneath your skin? A question that has probably crossed peoples' minds when deciding to actually get a part of their anatomy tattooed on their skin. 

Varying from just a small tattoo to a full body skeleton, several tattoo artists have done a pretty amazing job, as it takes a lot of the artist's creativity and concentration in order to make the tattoo as realistic as possible.

Detailed veins that show the blood flow of peoples arms, tendons and muscles of the hands, brains and bones, one even more detailed that the other. In some cases, the tattoo is real life size, which makes me wonder: "Is a student with the anatomy of their forearm tattooed on his/ her skin allowed to take the anatomy exams without wearing long sleeves?"

Image by: unknown

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