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Written by Helen van Raaij

Noah Scalin
Image by: Noah Scalin


Noah Scalin is probably most known for his project "Skull-A-Day". This is an online project in which he made a skull a day for a year.

Noah Scalin uses all kinds of everyday items in his photographs and sculptures. His work has been exhibited in different museums and galleries over the world. Generally, it took 2-4 hours a day to make and photograph his skull. Following this year, he created a book filled with all of his skulls.

His first skull was an orange paper skull. His last skull is the “Birthday skull”. The birthday skull is a frosted birthday cake, that he made to celebrate his birthday.

Want to see more of Noah's work? You can find all of his skulls here!

Noah Scalin
Image by: Noah Scalin

Tags: Skull, Photography, Anatomy & Art

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