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Written by Helen van Raaij

Damien Hirst
Image by: Damien Hirst

Anatomy in Damien Hirst's spin art

The critically acclaimed artist Damien Hirst has been featured on Anatomy & Physiotherapy before. Apart from "For the love of God" (a platinum skull encrusted with diamonds) he has made many different artworks, and skulls are a regular theme. In 1992 he started to experiment with so called "spin art".His first spin art exhibition was in 1995.

With his series called spin paintings he tries to explore the idea of imaginary mechanical painters. Hirst only decides what colors he wants to use, and after that, the machine just spins around. He describes them as a little “childish ... in the positive sense of the word. All the spin paintings have very long names, starting with "Beautiful" and ending with "painting" - for example, the painting in the banner is called "Beautiful Zeus Maia Freya Isis Meditative Hysterical Sensory-Deprived Dream Painting"!

Are you interested in Damien Hirst and his artwork? Visit his website!

Damien Hirst
Image by: Damien Hirst
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