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Written by Helen van Raaij

Kaitlin Walsh
Image by: Kaitlin Walsh

Human anatomy by Lyon Road Art

Lyon Road Art is the company of Kaitlin Walsh, a watercolor artist. Kaitlin Walsh specializes in human anatomy on many different levels. She therefore divided her collection into different catagories, ranging from abdominal to neonatology, speech pathology and everything in between. Every single piece is painted by hand.

So why all these anatomical watercolor paintings and why Lyon Road Art? As Kaitlin explains:

"It is actually what I was trained to do, as my graduate degree is in Biomedical Visualization. From this training, I know that the human interior looks random, so messy and unplanned. But the truth is the opposite. Every inch of the body put together in a defined and methodical way, making possible both the functions of which we are all capable, and also the uniqueness of every individual. The human being is phenomenal, and through some lessons learned on Lyon Road, I have come to fully appreciate its miracles."

Enjoy her work below and dont forget to visit her website for more amazing watercolor paintings!

Kaitlin Walsh
Image by: Kaitlin Walsh
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