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Written by Helen van Raaij

Grüner Laser Products
Image by: Grüner Laser Products

3-D laser engraved anatomy by the Grüner Laser company

Who doesn’t want to have a crystal glass engraved with his/ her favorite part of the human body? These 3-D crystal models are made by a company called Grüner Laser Products in Munich, Germany. The Grüner Laser Company makes pre-designed and personalized models as a gift, to explain complex pathologies or anatomy to patients, to serve as an award or just to put on your desk. A few of their designs include organs, bones, physique, cells, dentistry and special designs.

So... How are they made?

First things first: the design. A picture or text is made in 2-D and 3-D images in various computer programs, until every detail is perfect. Next step is the inspection of the crystal glass: is the glass of high quality? Are there any air bubbles or other imperfections? To laser the image into the crystal glass, the glass needs to be fixated in the machine to make sure it doesn’t move during the process. From bottom to top (not from top to bottom) the design is engraved into the glass. One last check is done to determine whether the 3-D model is perfect and ready for sale.  

No matter your profession or passion, they have models for everyone, so have a look at their website!

Grüner Laser Products
Image by: Grüner Laser Products
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