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Written by Helen van Raaij

Maryam Ashkanian
Image by: Maryam Ashkanian

"Sleep series" by Maryam Ashkanian

Everybody uses them, pillows. In bed, on the couch, on furniture and with or without a print.

Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian initially started off as a painter and sculptor, but chose for a more traditional style for her “Sleep series”, which was made in 2015.

The “Sleep series” consists of handmade pillows with sleeping individuals embroidered on them, one of our most vulnerable and intimate states. Self-taken photographs of sleeping individuals form the base for Maryam's work.   

In the given time frame sleeping people are observers, still gaining unique experiences. Images of us in dreams are revealed in the right truest evidence; an original icon which introduces us to the peripheral world wildly“, states Ashkanian.

Want to see more of Maryam Ashkanian's work? Visit her website!

Maryam Ashkanian
Image by: Maryam Ashkanian
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