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Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Vivien Martineau
Image by: Vivien Martineau

A visual tour of the building block of life

"The Cell: A Visual Tour of the Building Block of Life" is a book made by Jack Challoner. His book is made to create a more accessible way to learn what’s going on in a living cell.

“Most of the living things we’re familiar with are composed of billions of trillions of cells. But the great majority of living things on our planet exist as a single cell. “  -Jack Challoner

Around 60 illustrations in “The Cell: A visual Tour of the Building Block of Life” are made by Vivien Martineau (an illustrator currently based in the UK). Some of these illustrations come from her series “levels of complexity” and “The Cell”. 

With her colorful and detailed illustrations from these series she hopes to “inspire some amount of awe at just how much is going on beneath the surface”. 

Make sure you visit her page on Behance and her website!


Vivien Martineau
Image by: Vivien Martineau


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