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Written by Ishan Bali

Gabi & Magalí
Image by: Gabi & Magalí

Anatomic illustrations in vintage dictionaries by PRRINT

What exactly is understood by the word “Dictionary”?

A dictionary is a book or electronic resource that lists the words of a language and gives their meaning. Basically, it teaches us to give words to our thoughts and it provides voice to our actions.

However, over the years, these books have grown old and forgotten, until eventually they are destroyed.

Spain-based artists Gabi & Magalí, the owners of the design studio “PRRINT” - which is specifically focusing on wall art - took the initiative to preserve the nostalgic value of these books. They have produced striking and vibrant human anatomical illustrations on vintage dictionary pages.    

Diagrams of the human body can often look a bit morbid, but interestingly, the use of floral illustrations leads to a less morbid effect and promotes pleasant visuals, creating a stunning union between nature, beauty and life.

In the words of the partner duo:

We are a team of designers, crafters and trend lovers that work in many areas, always aiming for handmade, upcycled and unique art, with gusto for the vintage and the antique traditions.”

Want to find out more about PRRINT? Visit their website and Facebook page!

Gabi & Magalí
Image by: Gabi & Magalí

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