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Art & Design

Written by Ishan Bali

Vanessa Davis
Image by: Vanessa Davis

Presenting: "The Skultress"

What if I tell you that you can use skulls as make-up? Yes, you heard it right! This beautiful make-up designs with a twist of wackiness are pushing your limit of creative understanding to a bounce!

As Vanessa tells about her inspiration in her own words:

I am fascinated how skulls are portrayed in fashion, art and tattoo art, particularly by Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst.

Want to see more of Vanessa's make-up art? Have a look at her Facebook or Instagram page!

Vanessa Davis
Image by: Vanessa Davis

About the Author
Ishan Bali
Ishan is a Physical Rehabilitation expert with an experience of 9 plus years. After completing MSc in Neuro & Sports Physiotherapy from United Kin...


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