Exercise prescription during cancer treatment

...a way to improve and/ or prevent side-effects?

Worldwide cancer rates are on the rise, with colorectal cancers being in the top 4 most common cancers.

Thus, the need for cancer treatment is on the rise, but so is the need for improving the effectiveness of cancer treatment, and minimizing the adverse and severe side-effects associated with treatment.

Exercise is a treatment modality that has been considered for supporting cancer treatment effectiveness (via improving vascularisation and allowing drugs to be delivered at a more effective rate), as well as improving quality of life and functional decline during aggressive drug therapies.

The first results of this ongoing study establish that an exercise program during NACRT helps limit expected declines in function from treatment. Based on the outcome benchmarks, the participants report they perceive a higher level of physical fitness, quality of life and self-esteem.  

Neverthless, some participants have worse fatigue and skin irritation. The authors conclude from this, that moderate exercise doses could be further explored. The next phases of this study, investigating positive and negative side effects of exercise, clinical efficacy and the effective therapeutic dose will shed more light on this matter.

The current study is unique in that sense, that most exercise prescription during cancer treatment has been targeted to high-volume and steady-state exercise. The rationale behind exploring HIIT as a mode of exercise during cancer treatment, is that HIIT offers a more rapid improvement in VO2max. This may improve quality of life and elicit greater and faster cardiovascular gains which may help for drug effectiveness.

> From: Morielli et al., Trials 19 (2018) 35 . All rights reserved to The Author(s). Click here for the online summary.

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